Nispero Jam 

With the abundance of Nispero’s on my Aunt and Uncles land I had to think fast of what to do with the fruit I had picked this weekend.  Nispero’s if not cut at the stalk do not keep long and bruise quickly…this was something I found out when googling recipes…after I had picked them!  Therefore I had … Continue reading Nispero Jam 

Apricot Jam

Apricots are ready!!!! We had to quickly pick them all before the birds attacked them, so I made a batch of Jam, similar recipe to my Nispero jam………

Fig & Ginger Jam

I made a fig jam the other week using figs that our neighbour gave us and it got eaten straight away!! Our figs are just about ready we managed to pick enough to make some more jam, but this time I thought I would try something different and make it with Honey to give a … Continue reading Fig & Ginger Jam


I am on a daily Tomato picking routine at the moment as we have got a never-ending flow!! So I decided to make a couple of Passata’s. One is the more traditional Passata, the other is like a tomato sauce with garlic and basil in. It actually tasted great warm as a soup too!! Passata … Continue reading Passata

Brinjal (Aubergine) Pickle

Brinjal (Aubergine) Pickle is probably my favourite pickle, it’s sweet and spicy and I could eat it by the spoonful….straight out of the jar! It’s great with curries but also with cheese and in ham sandwiches. It really reminds me of my childhood as my Nana use to make it; and hers was the best! … Continue reading Brinjal (Aubergine) Pickle

Organic Tomato Paste

This recipe uses up a lot of tom’s but makes such a small amount as it is a concentrate which is kinda great as its using them but also saving us the fridge space ;-)….and it is really really delicious. I have not really wanted to eat tomato puree/paste from a tube before but this … Continue reading Organic Tomato Paste

Bishop Crown Chilli Jam

Last week I made a chilli jam using the last of our bishop crown chilli peppers, this is a recipe  which my Aunt has made for years with red chillies; and we all love it. It never lasts long in any household as you can eat it with everything (well I do!) This recipe requires … Continue reading Bishop Crown Chilli Jam

Sun-Blushed Tomatoes

I love sun-blushed Tomatoes, they are sweet and soft, can be eaten on salads in pasta dishes or just on their own with bread. You can also use the tomato oil in dressings or sauces for extra flavour. 1 Punnet Cherry Tomatoes 1 Punnet Baby Plum Tomatoes Herbs: you can use any but fresh Marjarom, oregano, … Continue reading Sun-Blushed Tomatoes

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