Cakes and Bakes

Fruit Scones

I have always wanted to have a go at making scones, I knew they were tricky to make as you have to be quick when mixing the dough otherwise they become heavy and dry.  I had a look at some recipes online and ended up doing a variation of two: One was a Mary Berry … Continue reading Fruit Scones

Cheese Scones

After the success of the fruit scones, my Aunt asked if I could have a go at making them with cheese.  She had a work colleague once who she reckoned made the best cheese scones, and she would have them ready and hot for their break time…. so I had a lot to live up to ;)….I … Continue reading Cheese Scones

Hot Cross Buns

Happy Easter! I thought it would be fun to have a go at hot cross buns!!  Have a go they’re really yummy….

Mini Victoria Sponges

These mini Victoria sponges are so easy to make and are great for a party, or a vintage tea party…. I use my Nana’s method for sponge cake which is using the same measurements for flour/butter/sugar and then half the amount of eggs… Ingredients: 8 oz self-raising flour 8 oz castor sugar 8 oz butter (I … Continue reading Mini Victoria Sponges

Espresso Tiramisu Mousse

I love coffee and mousse so decided to have a go at an espresso mouse which then turned into a Tiramisu mousse!!  This is an espresso mousse, with sponge fingers soaked in more espresso layered on top with Mascarpone cream and chocolate shavings.  Served in a tea-cup, perfect as a dinner party desert. Ingredients: 250g dark chocolate … Continue reading Espresso Tiramisu Mousse

Nispero Meringue Tarts

We had been invited to a friends of my Aunts house for a BBQ this bank holiday weekend, we all brought meats for the grill but I also thought I would take something sweet. As we have loads of Nispero Jam I thought I would make Jam tarts…this then turned into meringue tarts 😉

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