Recipe Update…Chicken Korma with a KICK!!

Hola Happy Friday!!!

I’ve updated my Korma recipe, with a few more photos, check it out….

Whilst growing up eating and enjoying curries were a must with my family, forget your Sunday roast dinners; instead we would have a curry (much to my dismay when I was younger…’why can’t we have Sunday roast like everyone else’ I can hear myself moan to my mum) But with our Indian heritage curries and spice would be the food of choice on Sundays or family get together’s.

Usually these curries would be spicy and I always loved spice and chilli’s but as I have become older I seem to have lost my tolerance to really HOT dishes. These days when ordering an Indian take away I would steer more towards the Pasanda’s or Korma’s.

This Korma however still has a kick, it’s creamy and spicy but not hot. Just enough spice so you can taste the flavours but it is definitely not mild!! Continue reading