Back to Spain I go…

Hola Amigos,

I have been away for 3 weeks but as soon as I get back to Spain I intend on cooking lots of new recipes which I can share with you.

Please check out the current recipes on my blog here:

I thought I would share one with you now, its a nice comfort meal, now that is is getting chilly. It’s Bangers and Mash….. take a look;

Bangers & Mash with Sweet Onion Gravy

June 2015

You can’t beat Bangers & Mash even here in Spain were the sun is shining, you still always need a bit of home comfort in your belly! The sausages here are not as chunky as English sausages but they taste amazing. We had picked some of the little Chantenay Carrots from the garden the other day, and some red onions so I used these in this dish….the Red Onions however once I cut into them where not so red 😉 but it was fine they still tasted good!! This dish is sweet and tasty…… Continue reading