Take Away Style Egg Fried Rice

I have tried to make egg fried rice many different ways, and this was the closest I got to egg fried rice like you get from the take away!! This is a simple recipe, you can adapt it by adding peas, or meat but I like it plain when eating with a curry.

Friends always ask me how to cook perfect rice, I have always used the steaming method passed down to me by my mum, it never fails and your rice is fluffy.

For my egg fried rice I use brown rice as it has that nutty taste and the colour looks just like from the Chinese take away….


Brown Rice (I would say 1/2 cup per person)

Boiled Water (double the amount of your rice)

Soy Sauce Approx 1 Tbsp (depending on the amount of rice)

2 Eggs Beaten


A very good non-stick frying pan


The brown rice here in Spain is slightly different to the UK but it still tasted good. In a deep pan with a lid put in your rice, then add double the amount of boiling water and a pinch of salt.

Bring this back to the boil on the highest heat, once you see boiling bubbles cover the pan with the lid and turn to the lowest heat. Cook this for 20 minutes.

The trick here is to not remove the lid from the pan during this time as you need the steam to stay in the pan.

After 20 minutes have a peak, if the water has evaporated and there are little holes in the rice; it is cooked.

DO NOT STIR THIS YET!! This is the biggest mistake you could make, if you remove the lid and stir too early you get soggy rice.


Steamed Fluffy Rice

Turn the heat of and set aside, leaving the lid on the pan while you do the next stage.

In the frying pan heat brush with a little oil and heat. Then pour in your egg and turn the pan around to create a pancake like form.
IMG_9072Carefully turn overIMG_9073Now roughly cut it up with your spatula. Set this aside on a plate.IMG_9074Now empty the rice into the pan and fry, then pour in the soy sauce. You do not want too much to drown it, just enough to darken the rice in colour and flavour it.

Taste the rice add more soy if needed. Keep stirring the pan, you do not need to cook it for long.

Now empty the egg back in and mix well.

Your rice is ready….. 🙂



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