Naan Bread

This was the first time I had made Naan Breads, growing up my Nana would make Parathas, these are usually my favourite Indian breads but I thought I would give naan bread a go. They worked out well!!

Take Away Style Egg Fried Rice

I have tried to make egg fried rice many different ways, and this was the closest I got to egg fried rice like you get from the take away!! This is a simple recipe, you can adapt it by adding peas, or meat but I like it plain when eating with a curry.

Tamarind Rice

This rice is so tasty, and a great accompaniment to any curry, I could eat it on it’s own.  It has become a clear favourite in this house and is requested most times a curry is being made ;-)….. Ingredients: I mug Basmati rice  (just use your normal coffee mug) 2 mugs boiling water 1 small Onion … Continue reading Tamarind Rice

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