Organic Tomato Paste

This recipe uses up a lot of tom’s but makes such a small amount as it is a concentrate which is kinda great as its using them but also saving us the fridge space ;-)….and it is really really delicious. I have not really wanted to eat tomato puree/paste from a tube before but this one was so tasty I could eat it from the jar!!!! I couldn’t wait to use it so last night I made My Best Bolognese and it was yummy!…..


7lbs Tomatoes (I tried to use soft and really red tomatoes from the garden)

2 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tbsp Salt

1/2 Lemon (Juice)


Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees.


Chop the tomatoes into quarters. Heat oil in a deep pan and add tomatoes, cook until they are soft and the skin is wrinkled.

Take a mill, and place over a bowl add tomatoes…


Turn the handle and get all of the tomato juice from the tomatoes leaving the pulp and skin.


With the juices add in the salt and lemon juice and stir well.


Pour into two baking trays with deep..ish sides.


Pop into the oven.

These will take about 3/4 hours to cook, just keep checking on them regularly. They should reduce to half the size and when ready will be a orangey red and have no oil/liquid seeping from the paste.


Not ready


READY!! No liquid just paste

Now place hot paste into hot sterilised jars, then once cooled place in the fridge. You can also let cool then add oil on top inside the jar and freeze this.


I think this is great for my Bolognese recipe:

But also could be great as a pizza base, or Bruschetta rather than using fresh tomatoes….. or just in any tomato sauce to add flavour and richness.

I made a second batch of this using baby plum and cherry tomatoes, same recipe. It worked just as well and the flavour was that little bit sweeter!! 🙂


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