This is my favourite Mexican side dish ‘Refried Beans’ ( in Spanish ‘frijoles refritos’)!! This is true Mexican and was often eaten as the main dish, the word actually means ‘well fried’, it’s now known as a dip or a side dish with your chilli or in burritos. The recipe I use for this is actually … Continue reading REFRIED BEANS

Lentil & Bacon Soup

I really fancied a soup the other night, and don’t judge me but I do love a tin of soup!! The local shop here doesn’t sell Heinz or Baxters ;-), not like England where you can nip to the corner shop and pick up a tin!! So I looked in the cupboards and decided to make … Continue reading Lentil & Bacon Soup

Dal Makhani

This is one of my favourite dal’s, it is rich and filling and you really do not miss the meat with this dish; it is also a great side dish to your curry. ‘Makhani’ means ‘with butter’ this is not the healthiest of dishes but it is one of the tastiest, it also has a … Continue reading Dal Makhani

Tadka Dal

This is a great vegetarian curry, it is really flavoursome and filling as the main ingredient is the lentils.  This is such a simple curry to make and tastes amazing. The tadka is the spiced fat topping to the dish; it is a good way to add extra flavour to the dish without over cooking. It … Continue reading Tadka Dal