Rosemary Skewered Scallops Wrapped In Pancetta With Pea Puree

This is a great starter if you have friends over for dinner, it tastes amazing but also looks really professional! Plus its easy to prep and cook. I was requested to add this recipe to my blog so here it is….enjoy 🙂


2/3 Scallops per person (2 large or 3 small)

Pancetta  (1/2 a slice should wrap a scallop)

Rosemary per scallop make sure they have good thick stems!!

1 Juice of a Lemon

Olive Oil for frying

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for serving

1 Pack Frozen/fresh Garden Peas

Splash of Stock (can be Veg or Chicken)5

Handful of Fresh Mint (plus extra for serving)

Pinch of Sugar

Salt & Pepper


First prepare your scallops. Cut away any of the coral attached, you only want the flesh part of the scallop.

Season well.

Lay you pancetta strips out on a board and cut in half. Take a strip and wrap around a scallop carefully covering the flesh then take a piece of rosemary and skewer through the pancetta and the scallop.IMG_8860

Drizzle with some olive oil and coat all of them. Set aside.

Boil your peas in salted water until cooked then place in a food processor/blender add a drizzle of stock, the sugar and mint leaves and lots of seasoning then blitz to a puree. Taste and add more mint/seasoning if needed. Set aside and try to keep warm.

Heat a good non-stick frying pan until hot then add in your scallops, try not to put too many in the pan at one time as it will reduce the heat. You can cook these in batches if needed.

Cook until golden on one side then turn over (approx 2 minutes), then cook for another minute then splash in some lemon juice. This will smoke a bit. Shake the pan.

Once the pancetta looks crisp remove from pan and repeat with remaining scallops.

You should only cook them for 4/5 minutes in total as you do not want them to be tough.

Once you have cooked all of your scallops you can plate up. Put a teaspoon of pea puree on your plate and place the scallop on top, then drizzle over some extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle over a few chopped mint leaves (in my photo I sprinkled over Greek basil leaves). Serve!!



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