Mid-Summers Salmon with Spaghetti al Fresco

Last night we ate Salmon for dinner, I haven’t eaten fish for ages and I love Salmon. I also really fancied some spaghetti so I made a Spaghetti al Fresco…..

Served 3


Salmon Fillet skin on

Spaghetti half a packet

Tender Stem Broccoli half a head

Caper berries handful

Sun-blushed Tomatoes (handful) and the oil https://lululemonandlace.com/food-blog-2/sun-blushed-tomatoes/

Fresh cherry tomatoes (handful)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flat leaf parsley (handful)

Greek Basil for decoration

Salt & Pepper


First I took some Broccoli and cut into chunks, I placed them into a roasting tray and added lots of salt and pepper and Olive oil and roasted for 15 minutes they should still have a bite!


Boil your pasta in salted water.

With a frying pan that can be placed in the oven, pop on the hob and get the pan hot!

Place your salmon skin side up and rub olive oil and lots of salt and pepper into the skin. Once the pan is hot place skin side down and cook for 5 minutes or until the skin is crispy.

Once crispy turn the salmon over and place the pan straight into the oven for 10 minutes. I like my Salmon a little pink in the middle, if you like it fully cooked leave it for a few minutes longer. It also depends on the thickness of your salmon. You can take a knife and check it.

But either way it should come out cooked perfectly and be juicy, soft and tasty even if you don’t have it pink.

Once the pasta is cooked pop in the chopped tomatoes, sun-blushed tomatoes and a drizzle of the oil from the jar, parsley, caper berries, extra virgin olive oil and pepper.

Mix well, then add in the broccoli and mix again.

Plate up your spaghetti then pop the salmon flesh side down on top of pasta. Drizzle over a little more oil then the leaves of the Greek basil……


Was a melt in your mouth dish!!


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