Poached Egg with Smashed Avocados and Serrano Ham

Today I made a healthy dinner using what we had in the cupboards. What is great here is that my Aunt has a abundance of Avocados on her land so we are always thinking of new ways to use them :-), which I don’t mind as I LOVE them! Plus I am a little obsessed with eggs at the moment. This recipe combines sweet and savoury as it uses some of the Sun-Blushed Tomatoes I made the other day:



Bread 2 slices each person (I used a baguette cut in half length-ways, but back in the UK I would use Sour dough)

Caramalised Onion Chutney 1 tsp each piece of bread

Very Ripe Avocado’s (I’d say half a avocado per person)

Handful of Sun-Blushed Tomatoes and some of the oil

Serrano Ham (in the UK I have used Bacon or Pancetta grilled)

Eggs enough for 2 each person- Poached


In a bowl smash the avocado’s with a fork I like to keep a few lumps in this. Then drizzle with a little of the oil from the sun-blushed tomatoes and season well with salt and pepper.

Toast your bread.

Once toasted spread each slice with a good spoonful of the onion chutney, sit your ham nicely over the onions, then spread on a good helping of the avocado. (If using bacon/pancetta as its crispy I would sit this on top of avocados rather than under)

Tuck in a couple of tomatoes into the avocado on each slice of bread.

Now place your poached eggs on the top and serve….deeeeeelish xx



Tasty xxx


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