Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

If you’re just waking up this bank holiday weekend and wondering what to eat I thought I would entice you with these eggs!! I thought I would Blog this as people always tell me how nice these eggs are. I know everyone knows how to make scrambled eggs but this recipe just makes good eggs. Not too runny or dry, but soft, creamy and fluffy. It also helps that we get eggs from a friends chickens and they are the nicest eggs, the yolks are huge and bright yellow! 



2 Eggs per person

Splash Milk

Knob of Butter


Whisk your eggs with a little splash of milk, if you want a bigger portion add more eggs rather than milk. I don’t like too much milk in the eggs as it takes away the taste, colour and also makes it runny and not fluffy.

I do not add salt or pepper, you can season the eggs to your taste when eating.


Get a good frying pan really hot, pop in your butter and spread it over the pan.


The idea is to cook the eggs in the hot pan rather than on the heat, as then it will not over cook or rubber like. Pop in your eggs let it sit for a few minutes then take the pan off the heat and let the egg cook from the heat of the pan. You might need to pop it back on the heat for a few minutes if you’re cooking a lot of eggs. I always stir it off the heat.


You do not want to over cook as soon as the egg is scrambled serve it up, no one likes dry eggs!!


Then serve it up on some buttered toast and enjoy!!




with a bit of brown sauce 🙂

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