My best brunch omelette….

This is one of my favourite dishes to make when there isn’t much in the fridge or cupboards, its filling and tasty and can have many things inside…..the omelette ;)! The eggs I have used are from my Spanish teachers chickens so the yokes are ultra yellow. This one has onions, mushrooms, cheese and ham but my … Continue reading My best brunch omelette….

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

If you’re just waking up this bank holiday weekend and wondering what to eat I thought I would entice you with these eggs!! I thought I would Blog this as people always tell me how nice these eggs are. I know everyone knows how to make scrambled eggs but this recipe just makes good eggs. Not too runny or dry, but … Continue reading Fluffy Scrambled Eggs


This is a middle eastern dish with tomatoes and eggs, in Arabic the word ‘shakshuka’ means ‘mixture’ Often eaten as breakfast as it has the eggs in, but also is a staple dinner meal all over the middle east.  I first tasted this dish in an Israeli cafe in Philadelphia and instantly fell in love, … Continue reading Shakshuka