Candied Mixed Peel

I needed some candied peel for my Christmas cakes and after hunting around for it in every supermarket here in Spain I decided to have a go at making it.  It is very simple and the outcome is much better than the shop bought.  It’s delicious as a sweet too, you could even dip it … Continue reading Candied Mixed Peel

Christmas Cake

This Christmas cake recipe never fails, it’s the basis of Delia Smiths classic Christmas cake that over the years I have adapted.  But it always comes out perfect. It is best to bake these as soon as you can to allow for the feeding process, and then the decorating.  I have however cooked these the … Continue reading Christmas Cake

Quick Marzipan

I couldn’t get hold of Marzipan in the little town we live in here in Spain, so I decided to make a batch. It was so easy I just looked online at a few recipes, this one was the simplest and it works great!! I doubt I will buy it ever again 😉 Ingredients: 175g … Continue reading Quick Marzipan

Redcurrant Sauce

This recipe is such a simple and quick accompaniment for your Christmas day dinner or cheese board.  I know it’s only October but if  like me you love to cook then the preparations start now 🙂 Redcurrants are such a beautiful fruit, so vibrant and the taste is tart and tangy. Therefore when making this recipe … Continue reading Redcurrant Sauce

Christmas Brittle

I LOVE peanut brittle, I have made it so many times in the past and once had to make a whole batch of it as wedding favours for my sister!  A few years ago I had a Christmas tea party where I made cakes, jams etc for Christmas gifts, this is where I first made this … Continue reading Christmas Brittle

Moorish Christmas Stuffed Lamb

At Christmas it’s always nice to try something new.  In my family we would always have two meats on Christmas day; Turkey and another meat such as Goose or Lamb.  This recipe is a great Christmas roast alternative. Living in Spain, I wanted to include the flavours of the Mediterranean and my focus was Morocco.  I … Continue reading Moorish Christmas Stuffed Lamb

Boozey Chocolate Yule Log

I love chocolate desserts this one is similar to a gateau which is one of my favourites.  It has no flour in, so is gluten-free, and as one of my Aunts is lactose intolerant I made one of the logs dairy free too. I have been baking this recipe for a few years now, it came … Continue reading Boozey Chocolate Yule Log