Creamy Gorgonzola & Mushroom Tagliatelle

Last night I made this delicious creamy mushroom pasta, I love blue cheese and Gorgonzola is my absolute favourite! Its creamy and tasty and great in sauces. I also LOVE mushrooms so this dish was heaven. It’s meat free too; I am not vegetarian……..but if like me you like to have a night off from eating meat this recipe is a good one. 

Warning!!!…..this is full of cream, butter and cheese so it is an indulgent dish, but we all need a little of this every now and again ha ha !!

Creamy Gorgonzola &  Mushroom Tagliatelle

Serves 3/4




1/2 Large White Onion sliced

Variety of Mushrooms (I used 6 Oyster Mushrooms sliced, 5 large white sliced chunky and a punnet of White Hon Shimeji)

120g Gorgonzola Cheese

2.5 fl. oz Double Cream

2 Cloves Garlic grated

Juice of 1/2 Lemon

1/2 pint Chicken/Veg stock

Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley a large handful plus extra for serving, chopped

50g Butter

Salt & Pepper

175g Tagliatelle (I used fresh)


First slice your mushrooms to be chunky.


Add half of the butter to a pan and heat then fry the mushrooms, I did these in batches as each mushroom cooks at different rates, the idea is to not have shrunken over cooked mushrooms. Each time a batch is cook set this aside for later.



Try to get good colour to the mushrooms, so keep the heat high. Set aside.

Then in the same pan add the rest of the butter and add you sliced onions. Cook these on a medium heat to soften but not brown too much. Then grate in your garlic and cook for another minute.

Pour in your stock.

Let this bubble away for 2 minutes.

Next add the cream….turn the heat down to add the cream, as you do not want it to split, whisk as you pour.

Then squeeze in your lemon and season with lots of pepper and a pinch of salt.

Now crumble in your cheese and stir until it melts.

At this point taste it, add more salt or pepper if needed.

Let this continue to bubble while you cook your pasta. As I used fresh it only took 3/4 minutes. If you’re using dried pasta I would cook this from the start then drain and set aside.

While the pasta is cooking add  in the mushrooms.

Then add in your parsley..

Once the pasta is cooked add to the sauce.

Mix well! Then Serve.




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