Jessica & Nicks Baby Shower

Good Morning folks, hope you’re all feeling bright this monday morning 😉

Here are some photos and recipes from the baby shower myself and Millie Green organised. It had a vintage tea party theme, but as we are in the sunshine we couldn’t not have a BBQ too.

We had a vintage cart with sweets, mini Victoria sponges and scones and flavoured water served in jam jars….

2015-09-13 17.46.45-2

The drinks here are lemonade and strawberry water…soooo tasty and refreshing.

2015-09-13 18.04.05-1

The Victoria sponges are so easy to make here is my recipe;

I use my Nana’s method for sponge cake which is using the same measurements for flour/butter/sugar and then half the amount of eggs…

Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

2015-09-13 17.38.16-1


8 oz self-raising flour

8 oz castor sugar

8 oz butter (I actually like prefer to use stork margarine when in the UK but either is fine)

4 eggs whisked

1 tsp Vanilla essence

extra flour & butter for greasing

a muffin tray

Whipped cream and jam for the filling.

Icing sugar for dusting.


Rub butter into each hole in the muffin tray then sift over some flour, move and shake th tray around so every bit is covered in the flour then shake away any excess so you are left with a think coating.

Heat oven to 180 degrees

Cream together the butter and sugar until pale in colour and fluffy. It should double in size too.

Add the eggs a little at a time and continue to whisk, if it starts to curdle sprinkle in a little bit of the flour while whisking.

Add in the vanilla essence.

Now you need to start to sieve in the flour,I do this gradually and from a height so the sponge is light, then fold it in rather than whisk. I just think they become more fluffy and light this way.

Once all the flour is gently folded in you’re ready to bake.

With 2 spoons carefully place even amounts into the muffin tray, do not fill them to the top as they will rise. Try to level each top too, ideally you want these mini cakes to be identical 🙂 You may not use all of the batter and could make another batch I made 18.

Place in the oven for around 10-15 minutes, I cooked mine in 12 minutes. To check if it is cooked take a skewer and run it through the centre of a cake if it comes out clean it is done.

Once cooked, they will have risen a little, this doesn’t matter as we will trim off the top.

Let them cool a little in the tray them carefully remove and place onto a cooling rack.

Now sieve some icing sugar onto a plate or a clean surface, and while the little cakes are warm roll them in the sugar to give the cakes a vintage look.

Let them fully cool.

Once cooled trim the top to be flat and turn upside down, carefully cut the cakes into half, fill with the jam and the cream then pop the top on and give it another sprinkle of icing sugar.


2015-09-13 17.44.25-1

I made 2 batches of my fruit scones recipe;

I also filled these with jam and cream they were delicious…

2015-09-13 17.43.01-1

2015-09-13 17.52.20-2

The garden was decorated with pom poms, bunting (made by my Aunt) and fairy lights.

2015-09-13 17.47.56-2

2015-09-21 10.54.59

We also set a few games in the garden….

2015-09-13 17.53.10-1

Hook a duck

2015-09-13 17.48.10-1

Pin the dummy on the baby

2015-09-13 17.47.49-2

Baby photo booth and sign the baby grow

2015-09-13 18.20.26-1

The Daddy 🙂

2015-09-13 18.21.31 HDR-1

Mummy xx

2015-09-13 18.06.55-1

Gotta have pressies at a baby shower !!

Later in the day we had a guess the flavour game by drinking from a babies bottle and also taste the baby poop from nappies ;-)…

2015-09-13 21.29.35-1

Tasting the baby poop ha ha

We had filled the nappies with avocado, BBQ sauce, salad cream and curry mayo.

Now to the food, we had our usual BBQ food, BBQ ribs, poor mans potatoes, mini burgers and hotdogs, but my favourite that day was the cola ham with a mustard, honey and brown sugar crust…seriously tasty!!!…

2015-09-21 10.55.22

2015-09-21 10.55.46

BBQ ribs a family favourite

Was a lovely day, please check out Millie Green Stylist on Instagram and Facebook for more info, she is a wedding styling but can style any event.

2015-09-11 11.00.50

Hello baby see you soon xx

Have a great week, I will be back soon with new recipes.

Lulu xxx








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