Just a quickie………………

I hope you’re all well this Saturday afternoon!! I thought I would share with you my update on the galette, as I made another last night and it was even better than the first!!


Same ingredients as before, but with added roasted yellow baby peppers and black olives. This time I used Feta cheese only, no mozzarella.  I also cut the phyllo into squares as I had suggested in my previous recipe and it worked so much better.

Take a look at my photos….


inside the galette….tom paste, basil, caramelised cherry toms, peppers and olives




Topped with feta and thyme sprigs


Fold the pastry up




Serve with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil in the centre

I served this up with some healthy slaw:


Red cabbage


Onion (red or white)

Cucumber (yes grated cucumber)

Chopped flat leaf parsley

Mix altogether with the juice of a Lemon, lots of pepper and a pinch of salt.

Then mix in lots of natural yoghurt.

Top with Caper Berries ….mmmmmmmmmmm



Dinner last night x

I then went and did my daily pick in the garden and found these chillies….they are bishops crown!! Apparently as they have a sweet outer but spicy seeds they are great for salsa’s. The skin taste could be appley…….I cannot wait to cook with these, I think I will still have to try a curry with these…perhaps something Caribbean,  lets see 😉 ???



Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Lulu xx ❤ xx


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