Re-Blog Sun-Blushed Tomatoes

Buenas tardes!

I have just made another batch of these tonight as we have an endless supply of Tomatoes at the moment growing the in the garden! Plus we use these sun-blushed tomatoes quite a fair bit when we are cooking or just eat them with cheese and biscuits ;-). Take a look if you missed out the first time ❤

April 2015: I love sun-blushed Tomatoes, they are sweet and soft, can be eaten on salads in pasta dishes or just on their own with bread. The Tomatoes here in Spain are so tasty so I decided to make a jar. You can also use the oil for frying onions or making sauces….


1 Punnet Cherry Tomatoes

1 Punnet Baby Plum Tomatoes

Fresh Marjarom Chopped

Dried Oregano Chopped

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Sea Salt approx 2 tsp

Sugar approx 2 tsp


Preheat oven to 100 degrees.

Half the tomatoes and spread onto baking trays, then sprinkle over the herbs, salt and sugar and drizzle over olive oil just enough to coat them.


Place in the oven and turn the heat down to the lowest, mine was set at 50 degrees.

Leave in the oven for a few hours or until the tomatoes are wilted.

I ended up turning the oven off and leaving them in overnight and in the morning they were perfect.



Using a sterilised jar place the cold tomatoes in and then top up the jar with oil.

Seal this tightly, I cut a round circle out of some parchment paper and sat on the top of the jar before screwing on the lid.

Once opened it can be kept for approx 3 weeks.



Juicy Sweet Tomatoes….xx



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