Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Hola Folks,

Happy Fathers day to you all, and Happy Sunday!!!

Why don’t you try out this omelette for brunch or brekkie, treat your Dad it’s always a winner!!

Lulu xx

(19th March 2015) This is one of my favourite dishes to make when there isn’t much in the fridge or cupboards, its filling and tasty and can have many things inside…..the omelette ;)! The eggs I have used are from my Spanish teachers chickens so the yokes are ultra yellow. This one has onions, mushrooms, cheese and ham but my usual favourite is baked beans and cheese deeeeelish..

Serves 1


2 Eggs

Cheese Grated

Ham 2 slices chopped

Red onion just a little bit sliced up

Mushrooms 2 sliced

and a really good non-stick frying pan is essential!!


In a bowl whisk your eggs with a fork.

In a different frying pan or sauce pan fry the onions mushrooms until soft.

In the non-stick frying pan brush with a coating of oil, just a little and heat the pan until its hot.

Pour in the egg and coat the bottom of the pan like a pancake, keep running it around the pan until all of the runny egg has gone.

Add your onions, mushrooms to one side of the egg pancake and sprinkle on the ham and cheese.

Fold the empty side of the pancake over this and cook, press down a little with a spatula. If your pan is good and the filling is not too thick turn over this half moon; this is not essential.

Serve with a squirt of brown sauce….or red if you prefer… 🙂



 (to make with the baked beans and cheese, heat the beans in a pan and once you have your egg pancake ready put a heap spoon of beans on top and grated cheese then fold your half moon…it really is good, makes a perfect hangover brekkie too!)




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