Back In Salobreña

After a couple of weeks of travelling I am finally back in sunny Salobreña. I couldn’t wait to get back in the kitchen and the garden :-). I visited London twice and Barcelona for Primavera festival! I also had a visit from a good friend from my home town Hull. We spent a lovely few days here mainly eating :-D……..oh and sunbathing of course! Then I had another trip to London, I think I had been on 5 flights within a week!! Getting back I have been in the garden checking on the progress of the crop! I cannot believe how far they have come along, check out my photos of the last week……..

I had a beautiful flight from Barcelona to Malaga the views from the window where amazing…


Getting back I had 4 days with my friend, it was so lovely and relaxing. I tried to take her to all of the best Tapas bars but unfortunately we seemed to time it wrong and instead of receiving the amazing dishes I bragged about we got crackers or nuts!! But it was all good by the end of the week we had filled our boots with Spanish food and tapas!


The view from the hotel……


How our dinner was cooked on our first night @ Restaurante El Peñón

IMG_0885 - Copy

Having a wander around the old town


This must be a most cutest little Spanish bar ever!


Catalan Style Mussels on the beach 🙂


After my friends departure :-(, I had one afternoon and evening to check the crop and cook!!


Cherry Tomatoes are coming along well


I am soooooo excited about this; BUTTERNUT SQUASH!!!!


Aubergine/Eggplant whatever you call it we ate this!



The red onions are nearly ready to pick!!


These are going to be Red Chilli’s………

So after picking the vegetables that were ready I decided to cook for dinner a tray of roasted deliciousness….

For this I roasted white and red Radishes (these are now my favourite roasted veg), Beetroot, Cherry Tomatoes, Round Courgette, Aubergine and Purple, Green and Greek Basil. The only ingredient not from the garden was the Chorizo which I roasted with the veg to add to the taste. Not only was it colourful on my plate it was delicious on my palate!!!


Roasted Vegetables from the garden!!

So after returning from London yesterday I spent the day cutting back the large leaves on the squash/courgette plants they are HUGE! We think we may have over planted these and for some reason have an abundance of round yellow courgette!! We thought we had only bought one pack of these oops!

Even after 5 days of me being away the change is amazing, we now have Red Chilli’s….


Starting to turn red

Quite a few of the Red Onions were ready so my Aunt showed me how to plait them and hang them…..


The picked onions


Take 3 onions, start to plait by grabbing the stems from underneath and bring up to the top tightly…


Keep repeating by placing onions left right and centre and bringing the stem up from under….continue plaiting the stems and then tie with string.


Then hang them 🙂

The onions need to dry out a little, then you can pull off as and when you need them.

More pickings from yesterday…..


This Beetroot is HUGE!!!!!! I reckon it could be bigger than my head….



Spring Onions and Carrots


A mix of Tomatoes


Basil Flowers these need to be cut away to stop the Basil becoming bitter but don’t chuck them away, you can eat these or pop them into a vase like I did and set them on your table, the smell in your room will be fragrant.


Yellow peppers…well soon to be yellow


A family of Butternut Squash ❤


Red Cabbage


Yellow round Courgette’s


Beef Tomatoes

So now its time to get cooking!!!!


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